Creating a Java project in Eclipse

Welcome to our first Java tutorial. It could also be listed under the Developer IDE section, but we will be making a Java project so I thought it should be labeled in the Java section. By now you should be ready to make your first project. I will be creating a HelloWorld project below, but you can follow along and give your project a different name if you like.

Things you may want to read up on first.

The above links give you a little background on Java and will also guide you through installing the requirements necessary to start this tutorial.

Create a new project in Eclipse

Open Eclipse and click the 'Project' button, like in the screenshot below (File > New > Project)

Choose "Java Project" from the Wizard and click next

There are many projects to choose from here. For example, if you wanted to create a website you might choose 'Dynamic Web Project'. For now I just want to create a simple Java project.

The last step: Choosing a name for your project

You may choose whatever project name you want, but I will be making a HelloWorld program in the next tutorial so I will name my mine HelloWorld. You can always change the name later, but you cannot have more that one project with the same name in the same workspace. The red highlighted boxes should be auto filled for you, but double check and make sure you have a JRE selected and project layout.

Once you have clicked 'Finish' your project will be created and you will see it in the project explorer on the left hand side. If for some reason your project explorer is hidden you do not not see your project, go to the top bar and choose Window > Show View > Project Explorer. Congratulations, you just created a Java project!!