Teaching my kids how to code, and yours

Hi, my name is Ben. I am starting this blog / tutorial site to teach kids how to code. I am a Software Engineer and love making websites and applications in my spare time.

I have always wanted my kids to learn how to code. Being a developer is both rewarding and fun. Now that my kids are old enough to understand it, I want to share it with them!

So I figured if I'm going to help them learn I might as well put it into a tutorial format where anyone can learn it. We will be getting into Java, HTML 5, Javascript, CSS, MySQL and probably raspberry pi stuff and more! So check back often as I update this site with tutorials and downloads of the applications we build.


What is JavaScript?

Finally adding some JavaScript tutorials. This blog is a brief introduction into the history of JavaScript and what it is used for today.

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Java: Fun with arrays

This is an introduction to arrays. Arrays are used to store multiple values in a single variable and can be single or multi-dimensional (2d, 3d, etc). Arrays are a little tricky to understand for early coders, so this tutorial should help make it a little easier.

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Install MySQL (Windows)

This guide is very short and will help you get MySQL installed on your Windows computer.

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3 new guides: MySQL, Node.js, and HTML

I've been busy making a few tutorials. I wanted to spend some time working on my other project Blantium (a 2d MMORPG) so I decided to put out 3 tutorials for everyone to check out in the mean time.

Setup a headless Raspberry Pi Zero W

Setting up a raspberry pi is pretty easy for the most part. But, what if you want to setup a Raspberry Pi without a monitor? We can do the same thing with a B3+ or other version of Raspberry Pi, but for this tutorial I will be using a Zero W.

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Java data types

Java has what are called primitive data types. A primitive data type specifies the size and type of a variable. This tutorial will lead into using variables, but I think you need to understand the data types behind them first.

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Java comments how-to

Comments are very important in programming. They can be used to explain what a particular part of the code is doing. This is useful to yourself and anyone else working on your code later down the road. If you are making an API, you probably want to make javadoc comments so that people using your API know how to use it. Read on to see how you can comment your code in Java.

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My first Java App - HelloWorld!

Our first Java program! We previously learned how to create a new Java project in Eclipse and we will pick up right were we left off. Let's get started making our first application!

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Creating a Java project in Eclipse

Welcome to the first Java tutorial on houselantaff.com. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a new Java project in Eclipse, as we pave the way to our first Java program (the classic HelloWorld).

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What is an IDE? How do I install one?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment.

In this tutorial I will cover installing the Java JDK and how to setup Eclipse, a free and powerful IDE made by IBM.

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What is Java technology and why do I need it?

Java is used in many application you interact with on a daily bases. It is on more than 3 billion devices!

In this tutorial I will cover installing Java and the Java JDK so that you can run java based applications on your computer and use the JDK to create your own.

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